April 5, 2011

That Touch of Mink

     A huge inspiration in creating this blog is one fine, iconic lady who has, for decades, exuded glamour, class and the adorable personality to boot. When thinking of timeless Hollywood, people are quick to jump in adoration for the beloved Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Judy Garland and the like. While all of these ladies are inarguably fabulous and quickly paved the way for movies, fashion, and todays' women in general, my personal favorite whom I have held in high esteem since before I can remember, is so often overlooked. I'm referring to the bubbly blond with the killer pipes and sweet spirit: Miss Doris Day. (Que Sera Sera start ringing in your ears?)

    I grew up on old movies and the crooner classics, playing a significant role in shaping my interests.  I knew Old Blue Eye's - Frank Sintra's golden number ones before I knew who Michael Jackson was. The first movie I ever owned was Send Me No Flowers, starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson. (which I am still enjoying today.. and yes, it's a VHS). So naturally, I had to pay homage to the stunning leading lady. She is known and respected for her upbeat personality, soothing voice, and wholesome charm.
A few of her timeless shots...