August 8, 2011

Small Space / Dorm Ideas

Back-to-school time is on it’s way, and granted I may be graduated and therefore left out of that “excited for the fall/ new year” pool, but I do know plenty of seniors about to make their big college debuts.  Because of this, I was naturally already concocting dorm-decorating ideas to pass along. [Now that I’m the much older, wiser, and fashionably educated person that I am.] [lies]

While I can’t speak for everyone, my dorm did come furnished with the basic furniture I would need; however, some campuses leave you to your own devices, and therefore some of the creative ideas I’m about to post might be a little more feasible for you.  Either way, it’s an exciting time, and I can’t stress enough to HAVE FUN with the place, because after all, it is your new home.

Now, for people who might be a little bit older and at a similar stage in life as myself, you might be moving into your first place, or in that phase of looking for something small and affordable. [That is, unless you’re Got Rocks. In that case, go have fun in your waterfront high-rise. I’ll be somewhere living in my humble abode, sleeping with the sweet satisfaction that I have easy access to an emergency exit… :/ ] Anyhow, some of the ideas here are simply for designing in a small space. [Shout out to IKEA for their 2012 catalog that was packed full with creative ideas, having that very same concept in mind].  You’d be amazed how, with a little paint, inspired textiles, or even a few fabulous lighting pieces, you can transform a room!

Have a look-see…
Here's a photograph of someone's dorm room I liked with a pretty masculine feel. (oxymoron?) Basically any color + gray and I'm in. ( I could lose the posters though... and probably that heinous lava lamp)

This was on a dorm decorating blog. Feminine, chic, and yet very basic with a little spiciness.

Crammed? No, I like to think of it as extremely cozy, and a gorgeous use of a tiny space. Perfect for guests, or as a bedroom for older siblings that might need to share.

Definitely small, but so very crisp and organized.

Clean, simple, and to the point. Also, very mixed-gender friendly.

Similar concept, by the same designers. There isn't much to it, but again, it gets the job done.

Seriously, I wish I could claim to have the creative genius to pull out design work like this, but I unfortunately cannot. I can, however, claim to be IN LOVE with it, and admit that chances are favorable that I will copy this in the hopefully near & affordable future.

A little sterile for my taste, but again, it serves its purpose and certainly doesn't look overcrowded.

I wish I could express in words how MUCH I love this!!! Sure, I doubt we'll actually be seeing this in a dorm room anytime soon, but we can dream, can't we?