July 10, 2011

Destination Fever: Greece

Take me -Parakalo! [Please!]

If I had a bucket list, I think the majority of it would be taken up by all the locations I’d like to travel to.  Greece is one of those locations. I don’t know what it is about the whitewashed stone buildings and bright blue doors, windows, etc. that just continuously reels me in. After watching Mamma Mia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (don’t judge) and meeting a few people that actually hail from Greece, I am just itching to go! Not to mention I always get this antsy feeling that everyone else is out traveling BUT ME, and we can't have that. So,  I recently stumbled across, (or should I say Googled profusely until I found what I was looking for) a “Greek Island Vacation- Mamma Mia Island Tour.” Seriously? Where do I sign up?
They have a complete, planned itinerary that takes you through several of the Cyclades, including Skiathos & Skopelos, and you get to stay on the islands where Mamma Mia was filmed!

Once I’m there, the only phrase I need is, “pou ine i paralia?” [Where is the Beach?]

- Enjoy the beauty. I have to go now and find a way to start saving my pennies.

I think I would have to start my day with a little boat ride and a swim...(this, of course, is after eating some form of an amazing breakfast that has honey involved.)


I'd be frolicking around these little homes like you wouldn't believe, opening the little fences and pretending I was a commoner that lived there. Or maybe not...(but probably).


Seriously? it's just the blue.. I'm like a bug to the bug-zapper. I'm DRAWN to it




This makes me excited thinking I would be showing up here (don't ask me why I would assume they would naturally be my friends.) getting ready for a huge gathering and a big meal for the evening. Oh, and wearing a fun white dress and espadrilles...Hair preferably half-up with a light wave to it.

It's never really a vacation until food is involved. 


I can't imagine that this would ever get old to me. It's almost like being home, right here in Illinois. (insert extreme sarcastic vernacular). 

 In case you’d like to check it out: