June 5, 2011

Love on Two Wheels

Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Nippon

What is it about a bike ride that takes the tumultuousness out of life?
[I’m referring to an actual, old-school, made-in-the-1800’s bicycle this time… not a Harley.] If I’m running errands, visiting a friend, or simply taking a lazy Sunday to roam around, it’s so much more carefree on a bike. It seems to be a global virtue that we can all connect with - city biking, mountain biking, European bike paths, biking around an island village, or just biking your way on an ice cream run…We enter this world of two wheels when we’re young, discovering a happier and more enjoyable way to travel, only to grow out of it when our license is printed. Then we progress through our teen years correlating every new idea and lesson we’re taught with, “It’s like learning to ride a bike.” [I never cared for the expression, seeing as how I ran into a telephone pole when I finally ditched the training wheels. Take that Michelle Tanner. Then once I finally mastered the task, my left shoelace somehow tied itself around my pedal while riding in the middle of the road…you can imagine what happened next. Oh yea, and did I tell you about the time I rode on my friend’s handlebars and my foot got caught in the wheel? Mmmhm. Surprisingly, I still have teeth).

Fast-forward a few years, and we somehow become reintroduced to our old friend, be it for exercise purposes, attempting to save gas money, or our sole means of transportation, and it awakens us to our child-dom (new word) all over again. Once I rekindled my former flame, I went and got a new bike on my 22nd birthday.  I’m quite in love with it.  On a gorgeous day I just want to pack a little picnic, hop on my bike, take a friend and hit the trail. It’s the prime time for contemplating all of life’s meanings, future dreams, unlived desires and potential loves. So go pull your bike out of storage, take it for a spin, and embrace how incredibly healing it can be. And throwing a little basket and bell on the front certainly never hurt anyone…

Ginger Rogers keeping it classy..


I LOVE this bike. If I ever get another one, I'd like to head in this direction. :)


I've typically never been one to ride my bike in a dress, but this makes it look so frilly and fun that I'm probably going to have to try it. 

Could they be any cuter?

My Turn...

Proudly advertising my Trek Navigator WSD 2.0.

Clearly putting it into action.
Though typically I would be scaling mountains on this with little effort and putting others to shame, I thought I would tone it down for the camera.... ;)

Riding slowly and it wasn't working in my favor. This was pre-tipping.

Genuine candid. The camera kept veering away because they wanted pictures of the front of the house instead, apparently being so happy with how the landscaping turned out and all. Glad I could keep your attention...

And we finally got one! Jessica & her beloved bike.