June 20, 2011

Buoyed Up


     Those that know me know my unapologetic obsession with all things nautical. Something about navy blue and white, in particular, really does it for me. Perhaps it all sparked in the early ‘90’s when my mother oh-so-kindly dressed my sister and I in matching sailor dresses –complete with white gloves and hats- for my uncles wedding.  Or maybe it was the traveling back east to New England every summer during my youth to visit family. (My dad originates from Bean Town).  Then add trips to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard into the mix, and you have a pretty good summation of why I love the ocean, sailing (or the idea of sailing...I’ve only been on an actual sailboat once) and anything nautical. 

     In addition, regardless of what I’m doing, I’m always content on a boat. My ideal location to plant some roots would be in a modern beach town, where the majority of the population owns Sperry’s along with something that can park in the sea. A place where boat parties would substitute block parties. (I think some dreams will have to sit on hold for a while.) That being said, I’ll touch on my childhood aspirations to be a dolphin trainer and future Sea World STAR employee in due time. For now, I’ll stick to the fashion aspect.

A few collections that struck my fancy:




Would you agree it's timeless?