April 24, 2011

Interior Landscaping

 [preface]. Yes, technically that term is used to describe the design of your plant life indoors, but I wanted something that sounded flash - so there you have it. After all, your home could be characterized as your "land" in some form or another, could it not?
 [To spare you from trying to redeem myself and continuing to bore you longer, I'll get to the point.]

     Sometimes I kid myself into thinking I could be an interior designer. It's a secret longing of mine, despite the fact that I lack both the knowledge and interest in the basic logistics of blending aesthetics and all that jazz that make up a large, (seemingly boring) part of the job. Oh, and maybe the mere fact that I have a B.A. in Child Development, and the unfathomable concept that my long-standing debts with Sallie Mae were for no reason. (Yet, with our economy does it really matter anymore?) Regardless, I have always loved decorating. I'm constantly moving things around, and then eager to change and mix it all up again. In grade school I used to randomly rearrange decor and reorganize the kitchen cupboards and other various rooms to surprise my mom.

 I'm not a hundred-percent proud of that.

      Anyhow, as much as I try to think and create outside the box, I always go back to the same. I just love basic neutrals with splashes of color. I want to want the rustic cottage, or a chic, urban, black-walled oasis, but when push comes to shove, I'll always go back to white. And with that, I love cozy-modern. Something up-to-date that blends, impresses, and yet screams, "come and enjoy! Lay on this couch. You can actually live here and feel comfortable." (That's a lot to scream, I know). But for whatever your taste may be, whether crisp and IKEA-inspired, the vintage/bohemian/Anthropologie look, country cottage, or what-have-you, stick to being you. Chances are plenty of your friends have the personality to match the urban, while you can't seem to break away from your French kitchen. There's no shame in that. Plus, your decor tends to match your wardrobe, so everything stands copasetic. And if today you're perfectly satisfied with those plum curtains and crystal bedroom accessories, but tomorrow you just might want to let your inner gold and glam starlet out… have at it. I certainly won't judge.

My apologies for being overzealous with the photos, but I just couldn't get enough of the beautiful design work! 

The Bohemian

French Kitchen

Country-Cottage Kitchen

It's like a chic man-cave

I'm mesmerized by this. It's not something I could live with,  but I certainly wouldn't mind staying a few days. ;)


Absolutely. Go ahead and plan on it being in my entryway in the near future. (When I can actually afford it someday).


These next few are definitely more up my alley. Lovelovelove!


This would be the perfect summer home setup, in a little cottage on the beach.


Do any epitomize your style?