May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo ~ mi cumpleanos!

      25 already? What a birthday! I have the greatest friends, family and coworkers a girl could ask for! Now I’m off to New York with family, visiting… well, family. [I have an aunt from Switzerland that I will be meeting for the first time.] Wish me luck! ;)

OH…and happy mother’s day to all the amazing mom’s I’m privileged to know!
Look who turned 3!! (22 years ago...)
You can't have a birthday without a little trip down memory lane...

21st Birthday.  [I'm second from left]This has to be one of my favorites...My friends surprised me with Starbucks, a new outfit and a pedicure, and took me to Chicago to eat at Ben Pao's restaurant, where they make you your own menu. Incredible. And as tradition with our friends, everyone jazzes up in black, while the birthday girl has to shine. 

Seriously? I came into work to see this? YES PLEASE. My coworkers are AMAZING.
I am blessed.

I’m not what you would call a “good baker.” My idea of homemade is something out of a box that I’m able to bake at home. The way I see it, there are oodles of people out there who clearly have that gift, and why not celebrate their talents?  I found these, and figured they were quite fitting. Cheers to you fine bakers!

You have no idea what this would have done to me in my youth...

OK, my name isn't MaChelle, nor am I "21...+5", but this cake was amazing and it had to be posted.

What was my present to myself? Why 3 new dresses of course. After all, I was in desperate need… (I say “need” loosely.) I’m going to go now and listen to some Colbie Callait, pretend I live in a tropical climate, and keep on livin’ the dream.