May 15, 2011

Jamestown, New York

Documentation from the recent voyage to New York.

 I don't have a single relative that I've shared a state with... so if you're in that privileged (and envied) boat of having your extended family close by, don't take it for granted. I have to say though, while looking at the bright side, that I'm fortunate to have plenty of states to travel to in order to see those relatives...

On the Road Again... Let me just say, Paul Simon has been making a beautiful comeback on my ipod...

With some long lost relatives

This was in tribute to the many family members we have that, when taking pictures, never quite seem to make the gaze towards the camera...

sisterly bonding
The dock we grew up on
My dad told me to take a picture holding onto the branch.... like this dad?

My beautiful sister on THE dock.

My grammy lives in the country with stunning views from her backyard. This swing was a staple during our childhood visits.

Well Hi Dad... :)

I found a little tot running around...and figured she needed to wear my sunglasses, because that's the kind of cool relative that I am.

A chunk of the family. This would be the Swedish/Swiss side, my Papa (Hans) being from Switzerland and my Grammy (Elsa) from Sweden.

I need to make these kinds of trips more often...