April 17, 2011

The Bike Vs. Beauty

      Both are attributes I can now look at as a form of diversity. Simply put, I grew up on the back of a motorcycle. I’ve been on countless rides and cross-country trips with my dad on our Heritage Softail, all throughout the Midwest, East Coast and Canada.  I had my own motorcycle license at the age of 17. (Though I have yet to use it. I don’t trust my own driving, how sad is that?) Only those that ride can truly appreciate my undying love for it; there is nothing quite like that itch to hit the road when the first hint of spring comes.  And regardless of what most of my guy friends may think about me, I’ll have you know that I’ve roughed it through camping trips on the back of that bike, with nothing but a tiny duffle bag and anything else I can squeeze into one saddlebag. I’ve ridden through tornado warnings, hail, pouring rain, 13-degree weather, 103-degree weather, insane wind, and anything in-between.  (Of course there are others who have braved far worse - I tip my hat). 

The other side of me, however, is the fashionista-wannabe, who loves heels, dresses, glamming up for shows… I love shows… oversized sunglasses, piled on jewelry, radiant pink lipstick (occasionally), and whatever other sweet tart items I can get my bright-painted fingernails on.  I used to think I just didn’t know who I was… what did it mean when I equally loved both? But now I fully embrace it. Some days I love wearing the chaps and leather gear, along with Chuck Taylors and the huge sunglasses that embarrass my dad when I wear them. (As he puts it, “ It looks like I’m riding with Elton John on the back. Seriously…they look like windshields.”)  Other days, which tend to be more frequent, I love dressing up and feeling pretty. I think every girl has the desire to feel pretty, whether she admits/realizes it or not. I think it’s down in our genetic makeup somewhere…albeit some deeper than others. Hopefully whomever I end up with will be willing to settle for both. ;)

The Biker...

In 3rd or fourth grade. Never mind the missing front teeth.

My dad and I after my 18th birthday.

Prime example of the "windshields" and Chucks.
Bennington, VT

I'm not even going to comment on his glasses.
Americade-Lake George, NY

The other side....

 Who's your alter ego?